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Saturday 10 November 2018

They Have Taken Quite A Liberty!

    Who Are They? Surely Number 2 doesn’t mean Number 1, otherwise he would say “He has taken quite a liberty,” perhaps Number 2 means those masters we hear so much about from time to time. You know the ones, who Cobb mustn’t keep waiting. “I’m not allowed to use the usual techniques, mustn’t damage him permanently say our masters.” Those masters back in London would be my bet. Mind you having said that, I can’t really see the Prisoner’s resignation being the reason why he was brought to The Village. Number 2 must have had prior knowledge of Number 6’s arrival in The Village, after all it would take time for his cottage to be prepared. Interior structural changes might be needed, that and painting and decorating, not to mention fitting it all out to at least make the study look identical to the one in his London home. We don’t know about the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom of No.1 Buckingham Place, but we do know they do not comply with the arrangement of Number 6’s cottage in The Village. To make 6 Private ready for its forthcoming occupant would take days, possibly weeks, not hours!

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  1. I take the view that the “they” mentioned may be the same “they” that we all, at some time or other, refer to when we know (perhaps vaguely) the organisation but don’t know the individual or individuals who exercise some authority. It really doesn’t matter who occupies the “they” position. People can come and go, but some sort of power or authority will continue. The first individual holding a government office, number 1, will be followed by the next to hold that office, number 2, who will be followed by number 3, who will be followed by number 4, and so on. They may as well be named to by their number, in the fashion monarchs.

    As a topical comment: I posted the below earlier today on a Prisoner social media site -

    I’ve just pre-ordered The Prisoner Dusted Down book. If the blog is anything to go by, I expect this will likely be an excellent exposition. BCNU

    1. Hello New 42,
      Yes that is perfectly correct. "They" may change, but the organization, the power, and position remains the same. Its like Number 2, there might be a new Number 2, but the title and position remains the same. Its only the person that changes, and sometimes not always for the better.

      Thank you very much, I appreciate your spreading the word about my book. There has been excitement and great anticipation ever since the announcement of my book earlier this month. And with help such as yours that excitement will be maintained. And justified in the reading of 'The Prisoner Dusted Down'.

      Be seeing you