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Friday 30 November 2018


    Number 2 said “Colonel, you must be aware that all major powers have in their prisons one or two of each others spies. From time to time diplomatic swaps take place. Imagine the power we would have if the spy we returned had the mind of our choosing. We could break the security of any nation.”
   Would that be possible? One man’s mind in another man’s body is fine, until you place that man in a totally different environment, say working for the Russians somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. He might look like the spy, call him ‘A,’ recently returned to them, but what of the other man’s mind, call him ‘B.’ He might have read ‘A’s’ file, but he wouldn’t know enough about ‘A’ in order for ‘B’ to replace him and live his life effectively. He would have to speak the language, but wouldn’t know enough about ‘A’s’ colleagues, or about where he fitted in. There would be ‘A’s’ friends, and he might be married, he might have children. ‘B’ wouldn’t have neither the character or mannerisms of ‘A,’ therefore ‘B’ would not know enough to behave like ‘A.’ Simply looking like ‘A’ would not be enough, ‘B’ would not have the knowledge to effectively carry it off!
   There is another problem. The subject, having had all unpleasant memories of the village whipped from his mind before being out back into circulation in order to collect information, would in time be brought back to the village. How then would the subject react? The subject would most probably react with a normal accepted behaviour pattern. The subject would show shock symptoms. He would be confused, disorientated, and possibly aggressive. And rather than simply give up the information inside his head he would refuse to talk, because he would have no knowledge that he was supposed to give up the information the agent had collected. So Number 2 would be forced to take it by fair means or foul!

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