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Saturday 10 November 2018

File No.6 back to the beginning!

    Oh no, not back to the beginning, what to start all over again? A man resigns his job, goes home and after being rendered unconscious wakes up in what is called The Village! What man, what job, why did he resign? Brought to The Village, what for, to have the reason behind his resignation extracted? Surely that couldn’t have been so important, unless of course they thought that if the Prisoner answered one simple question all the rest would follow. But there could be other reasons, make him talk, then turn him to work for The Village. Then he, like Cobb, could be released back into the outside world in order to carry on his work, but while working for The Village when called upon to do so, like the Colonel and Fotheringay. But that doesn’t work, Number 6 had resigned his job, there was no employment for him to return to. On the other hand, perhaps Number 6 had already been working for The Village, but then he couldn’t stand it anymore, and after a falling out as witnessed in the opening sequence, he hands in his letter of resignation. Hence he was brought to The Village in order to discover that had gone wrong with one of their agents, why had he resigned?

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