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Saturday 24 November 2018

The Fall Out Rocket

    It’s strange how the inside of the rocket is bigger than the outside, a touch of the "Time and Relative Dimension in Space" {TARDIS} syndrome, wouldn't you say? There is a theory that the rocket or missile, is some kind of Doomsday rocket, capable of destroying the World. If that is the case, why bother the launch the rocket at all, why not press the self destruct button? At the very least some fans have it that the rocket destroyed The Village, if that is the case how do they account for the fact that long after the rocket has been launched The Village is seen completely intact. And because Number 6 was able to set the countdown, fuel the rocket, and launch it, he’s supposed to be a rocket scientist. Well James Bond was able to pilot a space shuttle in ‘Moonraker,’ does that make him an astronaut, I suppose it does!
    If the ‘Fall Out’ rocket was a weapon of destruction, then why does it have four orbit tubes? Orbits 2, 48, one unmarked presumably for Number 6 had he decided not co-operate, and one for Number 1 of course. These orbit tubes being life support chambers designed to enable long space flight, of the type seen in the 1960’s television series ‘Lost In Space.’
   What happened to the ‘Fall Out’ rocket after it blasted out of its silo is anyone’s guess, whether it attained a low orbit, or if it crashed in the sea, or impacted with the ground soon after re-entry. But one thing is certain the fate of Number 1 was sealed in the nose cone of the rocket. Number 6 once told Number 2 that he’d like to be the first man on the Moon, perhaps Number 1 achieved that desire or at least orbit!

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