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Saturday 24 November 2018

The Therapy Zone

    In past years whenever I have seen an actor or actress on television or feature film who appeared in ‘the Prisoner,’ I would say to the wife, or she would say to me, look, there’s number so and so. Or there’s Guy Doleman {Number 2} or Peter Howell {the Professor}, and Hugo Schuster {Professor Seltzman} seen recently in the 1953 film ‘House of Blackmail,’ to name less than a handful. Guy Doleman is the Colonel in the ‘Ipcress File,’ ‘Funeral In Berlin,’ and The Billion Dollar Brain.’ It’s a little game we like to play. But now we have been doing this with actors and actresses who appeared in THEPRIS6NER, and now for me Ian Mckellen will always be 2. Vincent Regan who played 909 {Anvil} is always turning up in different television dramas. And Sara Stewart {1891 in Darling} appeared in the BBC drama ‘Mrs. Foster.’ That’s all really, it’s just a game I’ve played over the years, and continue to do so with actors and actresses from THEPRIS6NER. Most recently Ruth Wilson {313 in THEPPRIS6NER} plays her own grandmother Mrs Wilson in a BBC television drama of the same name which commences on November 27th 2018.

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