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Thursday 22 November 2018

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    Number 2 once said he didn’t want a man of fragments, however some Number 2’s weren’t allowed to use the normal techniques, while at other times no extreme measures were to be used against Number 6. There is always the threat though, that they have many ways and means, but they do not wish to damage him permanently. And yet in ‘Living in Harmony’ Number 2 was allowed to break him, mind you I should think by that time they had grown completely annoyed with Number 6, that’s why Degree Absolute had been sanctioned. And yet had they managed to break Number 6, I expect they would have at least tried to put him back together again. They might even have made a better 6, an improved 6, a reformed 6, a 6 who would prove to be co-operative. And yet after Humpty Dumpty had had a great fall from sitting on a wall, all the Kings horses and all the Kings men could not put humpty together again. But of course they didn’t have the advantage of modern medical techniques and the doctors in The Village.

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