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Sunday 18 November 2018

Village Life!

    “It’s going to be one of those days!”
    “You can tell, how?
    “We took the scenic route to the Town Hall. In fact we went the roundabout way, and went back on ourselves twice. We went passed the cafe three times, and promenaded round the pool and fountain in the Piazza for ten minutes!”
    “You noticed!”
    “The reason is clear, it’s the public works committee that sits today, and we are both on it.”
    “Well I ask you, where are we going to put a golf course? It was bad enough with the clock golf.”
    “And the croquet players were not at all happy when that oversized chessboard was laid out on the lawn.”
    “Yes, and how long did that last I ask you?”
    “Three days wasn’t it?”
    “And that’s another thing, oh no perhaps I shouldn’t say.”
    “No go on.”
    “Well whatever Number Two gets himself embroiled with, it never lasts more than three days.”
    “Well that thing during the chimes of Big Ben lasted more than three days, more than six weeks in fact.”
    “Yes well........”
    “And that affair with the schizoid man.”
    “When there were two Number Six’s in The Village?”
    “That lasted over a month.”
    “Yes but it was a complicated affair. What are you getting at?”
    “Well how is it Number Two can be dealing with Number Six, administrating the running of The Village, and at the same time bring about plans that benefit the community and the citizens?”
    “You mean the new mural in the library.”
    “There have been complaints!”
    “There are some who say it’s obscene!”   
    “In what way obscene?”
    “Its pornography!”
    “Is that what they say?”
    “They do say.”
    “Its art, a classical scene.”
    “They have no clothes on.”
    “Some have drapes draped about their semi naked bodies.”
    “There are bare breasts on display, and there’s that rather well proportioned woman.”
    “That’s Number Eighty-two.”
    “Who is Number Eighty-two?”
    “My mother!”
    “And what about the cinema?”
    “What about it?”
    “Do you know what film they are going to show next week?”
    “Escape From Stalag Lufft Ten!”
    “Oh. Shall we go around again?”
    “Yes, but the other way this time.”
    “What by the Outlook on the cliff?”
    “No, further than that, the lighthouse on the cliff!”

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