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Friday 30 November 2018

Village Life!

    “Did you know you bear a strong resemblance to Number Fourteen?”
    “Number Fourteen, who’s he when he’s at home?”
    “He dressed exactly the same as you.”
    “Yes but who is this Fourteen chap?”
    “He was Number Two’s assistant.”
    “Yes, assistant to my predecessor.”
    “What happened to him?”
    “He went round the bend!”
    “Who Number Fourteen?”
    “No my predecessor, he was under the impression that everyone was conspiring against him.”
    “And were they?”
    “No, of course not.”
    “And Number Fourteen?”
    “He could have been standing here where you are, and it wouldn’t have altered the scene one little bit. In fact he was about as useful as you!”
    “What happened to him?”
    “According to our records Number Six put the poison in, and Number Fourteen went to his cottage to have it out with him.”
    “What happened?”
    “There was a fight, eventually Number Six threw him out.”
    “Out through the French window, taking the balcony railings with him. He died of a broken neck!”
    “And that’s why I’m here and he isn’t?”
    “Yes. Now make yourself useful.”
    “Useful, how?”
    “I have no idea. There was one difference between you and Number Fourteen.”
    “Yes and what’s that?”
    “At least he always tried to make himself useful.”
    “Yes, but I bet he didn’t have a job like mine!”
    “How do you mean?”
    “Serving two masters at the same time!”
    “Tell me again…..what is it you do?”

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