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Monday 26 November 2018

The Throne At Last!

   The throne at last, who would have thought it? He looks like some South American dictator who is so afraid of the people he has to surround himself with armed guards to protect him! The Village has gone balistic! He’s got himself a missile, what’s he going to do with that, threaten the world? He’ll start World War 3 if he’s not very careful. I wonder where The Village got that missile, not from those two gun runners I bet. The weapons they did have looked to be from the bargain basememt range, where would they would get an intercontinetal ballistic missile from?
    So this man was behind The Village all the time, the villain of the piece! But why put himself through that ordeal? Perhaps there was madness behind it. Perhaps he was pitting himself against The Village for a purpose, to put it to the test! Well it all ends in fall out, a falling out amongst friends. Violent revolution, death, evacuation, and escape! But for the Prisoner, because he’s just as much a prisoner at the end as he was at the beginning, there can be no peace of mind. The Prisoner covers 17 weeks, not long really when you think about it. But they are 17 weeks which for the Prisoner became a life sentence, to be lived over and over again without end.

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