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Friday 2 November 2018

Quote For The Day

“My own suit specially delivered for the occasion!”
“What does that mean?”
“That I am still myself.”
“Lucky you.”
                  {No.6 and the maid-No.56 – Dance of The Dead}
    Number 6 is still himself, well good for him, because he is doing rather well by the time of ‘Dance of The Dead,’ considering it was originally to have been the second episode. So why shouldn’t he still be himself? And yet as it is, Number 6 has been put through a number of ordeals which would have broken lesser men. And yet he’s still himself, this man of steel. Either someone is looking after him, or he has a charmed life, he was put on trial, found guilty, and yet he managed to evade the screaming mob baying for his blood. And then suddenly it was all over, the angry mob pacified and led away like sheep! And what was it all for? Simply to demonstrate that he can never win, and how uncomfortable it’s going to be for him. Was it really Carnival, or was it all simply staged for the benefit of Number 6? After all no-one seemed to be enjoying themselves, except for Number 2 of course. And it’s quite possible that hardly anyone in The Village is still themselves, meaning they are not unaffected by what happens to them while in The Village, and if they are not, well lucky for them!

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