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Thursday 22 November 2018

Thought For The Day

   “Dance of the Dead lies eighth in the screening order of the Prisoner, yet there is a line spoken by No.6 "I'm new here." After No.6's arrival in The Village, he has been duped into thinking he escaped The Village during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ Had the privacy of his dreams invaded by the use of a drug that has been developed by a doctor-No.14. In ‘Free For All’ he stood for election into public office, met his doppelganger in ‘The Schizoid Man.’ Destroyed the General by asking a question, supposedly insoluble to man or machine WHY? Then having woken one morning to find The Village deserted, No.6 built a sea-going raft and set out on a sea adventure, although he had no idea where he was navigating to, because he had no idea where he was navigating from, well not until he’d made himself a compass, at least that gave him direction. So to say "I'm new here"........just how long does a citizen of The Village have to be a resident so as not to be new here? And when No.6 asked Dutton how long he’s been in the Village, Dutton finds it difficult to say, a couple of months. And The Prisoner? “Quite recently.” Sounds to me that ‘Dance of the Dead’ should be a much earlier episode, at least third. What’s more it’s patently obvious that No.6 and No.42-Dutton are ex-colleagues, but you noticed that Dutton doubted him for a moment, as though
he might be working for The Village. And seeing as how Dutton had already been in The Village for a couple of months, might it not have worked better had it been Chambers, late of the Foreign Office, who the Prisoner had met with, instead of Dutton?

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