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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Well You’re In My Country Now!

   In ‘A B and C’ it is suggested that we shall see what would have happened had those behind The Village not got to Number 6 first. Yet there was still the possibility that ZM73 would still have been abducted, not to The Village, but possibly behind the Iron Curtain by ‘A,’ seeing as he defected about six years ago, making World news in the process! 
   Having been abducted by ‘A’ and his henchmen, during the car journey ZM73 remarks that 
Paris hasn’t changed much, and eventually the Citroen D6 car arrives at a chateau. Getting out of the car ‘A’ says “Well you’re in my country now.” Which country might that be? Because they do not appear to have driven very far, which suggests that the Chateau is just outside Paris. Perhaps ‘A’ only defected across the English Channel to France! So was ‘A’ working for French Military Intelligence? Throughout the 1960s and into the 70s, Franco-British relations and British foreign policy were dominated and largely shaped by efforts to convince the French to accept British membership of the Common Market or the EU as it has become. But as we know espionage can be a very dirty game, and dirty tricks are generally employed in that game. And yet we do not know whether ‘A’ is working for a foreign agency, or independently, possibly in the hope that he can sell ZM73 and the information in his head to the highest bidder! And that line from ‘A,’ “Well you’re in my country now,’ does suggest that they left France, otherwise they would have been in ‘A’s’ country all the time, and therefore ‘A’ would have been wasting his words. Also we do not know how long that journey should have taken. Remembering that Number 6 is in a dream. a long journey can take only a few moments. So in one minute ‘A,’ his henchmen, and ZM73 are on a car journey in Paris France, the next perhaps they are in Russia, well behind the Iron curtain. There is no logic when it comes to a dream.

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