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Monday 12 November 2018

Have I time For An Ice Cream?

    Have I time for an ice cream?
    No, only for your future!
    What do you mean by that?
    You’ll see.
    But you said we were going for a walk?
    Yes, you, me, and your mother.
    Is that mother?
    Yes, just as I am your father.
    My father.
    Yes, now get into the pushchair and we’ll all go for a nice walk.
    Passed the ice cream parlour?
    If we must!
    What’s the flavour of the day?
    Mint choc chip!
    I want a ninety-nine, with a flake.
    You’ll have a mint choc chip and like it!
    I want a ninety-nine with a flake!
    You’ll get what you are given boy, and that includes a clip round the ear!
    Why did you resign?
    Come on boy, its not that difficult, why did you resign?
    From what?
    Don’t hold back boy…..why….did….you….resign?
    I haven’t resigned, I haven’t done anything yet, I haven’t even left school.
    Well leave school now boy. All I want to know is why you resigned.
    All I did was leave school because you told me to, I didn’t want to leave, the best years of my life they were!
    You went to work in a Bank.
    I should have been a carpenter.
    A carpenter, why a carpenter?
    I graduated top of my class in woodwork! Are we going for this walk or what?
   Get into the pushchair, and mother will push you.
    The Butler gave No.2 a derisory glance as he began to push the wheelchair up the ramp and out of the Green Dome.

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