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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Thought For The Day

 There Are Different Kinds Of Villagers......
....... Like No.2 who has been recruited to the village, and thereby are trusted and free to leave after his term of office. Others, like the Professor and his wife in the episode The General come to the village of their own free will, but will never be allowed to leave the village, like the ex-Admiral-No.66, and all the other residents of the Old People's Home. Prisoner's like No.6, No.53-The Rook, or Roland Walter Dutton who are abducted to the village to have the knowledge inside their head protected or extracted. And the many citizens who were recruited to the Village via labour Exchnages and Emloyment Bureau's, the electricians, gardeners, the waiters, waitresses, maids, postmen, scientists, and thecnicians etc.
    And finally there are those who you wonder why they were ever brought to the village in the first place, like Alison-No.24 in The Schizoid Man, No.42 who iappears to be in a permanent state of depression, or indeed the white Queen-No.8. Then there is the waitress-No.66 in Arrival, who couldn't remember her parents, and was probably born to the village, like the watchmakers daughter-Monique-No.50. Because even if her father No.51 was brought here against his will, for whatever reason, why bother to bring his daughter with him? Monique having been born to the village, this would suggest that the watchmakers wife was brought along too, unless of course the watchmaker came willingly, or recruited, and in such a case his wife would come with him, and subsequently Monique would be born to grow up in the village. An interesting train of thought I think you'll agree.

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