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Wednesday 21 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Chucking It All In!

    Much of the Prisoner series was once shrouded in mystery - the prisoner's name for a start, no mystery today though! Then there is the job from which he resigned - top secret and highly confidential, and even his resignation is no longer a secret.
   It has become blatantly obvious to me that whatever the Prisoner's reasons for resigning from his highly confidential, top secret job was, it was not a spur of the moment thing. He must have been thinking about taking such action for some time, seeing as he had a pair of suitcases ready packed for his departure, packed by the Butler I hasten to add. He collects his passport, and other travel documents, a visa is required for wherever his destination. And a visa would take time to arrange, even with the contacts he has in his line of work. But for the life of me, I cannot understand the two colour photographs which the Prisoner places in one of his suitcases, of a sandy beach together with palm trees. But on second glance they are two folded magazines, reading matter perhaps, or holiday brochures?
    So why the sudden rush? Okay, he's resigned from his top secret and highly confidential job, and now the Prisoner cannot get away fast enough, seeing as his suitcases are already packed for a speedy departure! Ah, is that the nub of the matter? Did the Prisoner know that "they" would be coming for him, that he knew what would happen to him, and that if he didn't get away in time it would be too late - which indeed it was - we witness that much during the opening sequence of the Prisoner.
   I bet the Prisoner didn't tell his fiancé Janet Portland that he was going to, or had resigned, as no reference was made to it in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't taking Janet with him. I mean she would have held him up, wanting a full explanation, and probably try to talk him out of it in the first place and probably would have been abducted with him to the village in the second place, if she had been in the house with him at the time. Now there's a thought to conjure with!
    So whatever the reasons given, perhaps it was a case of resigning, or the Prisoner getting out before he was pushed! Whatever it was, the Prisoner was definitely doing a "runner," but was he running from his previous employers, or the knowledge that he would be destined for the village if he did not get away in time? Certainly the Prisoner was giving up a lot, taking with him only two suitcases and his Lotus 7, his high position of secrecy and confidentiality, his Georgian home in Westminster, his fiancé Janet Portland. Well not so much to give up when you come to think of it, not when were dealing with such high stakes! That of the Prisoner’s freedom.

I'll be seeing you if I don't chuck it all in first!

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