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Monday 26 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Playing It By Numbers

   Georgina Cookson enjoyed a cameo role in the episode A B & C, then came more to the fore during Many Happy Returns as Mrs. Butterworth-the new No.2.
   The seductive mature blonde player has her sights firmly set on No.6, before reeling him in and vanquishing him. She oozes charm, courtesy and hospitality. Baking cakes is her hobby, and keeps her promise by baking the Prisoner a birthday cake, but with only 6 candles upon it. It trifles a woman who knows she has succeeded in what has taken place, and probably offers as though to rub salt into the prisoners wound! He the man who has been outwitted by a woman!
   She is feminine, right down to the wearing of an ordinary patterned dress at the end of Many Happy Returns rather than the stark village uniform.
   Peter Wyngarde of Checkmatee, portrays a smooth, but cold and calculating No.2 who keeps himself under control. The only form of aggression we witness by this man is when he splits a piece of balsa wood with a deft Karate blow whilst sitting on the floor of his office wearing his judo outfit.
   The village chairman with the old school scarf draped round his neck and across his shoulders, gives the impression of a college Professor. He is well spoken, well mannered, and well bred. He is full of charm, but appears capable of applying whatever degree of force might be needed, on the advice of the doctor-No.22 that is.
   Wyngarde capably brings off a performance of a man who will use his own disciplined methods to exert power over those who would conspire against him.
   Not so much an interrogator, more of a man who is happy to deal with his administrative details, as he gives orders for others to deal with No.6.
    Anton Rogers- The Schizoid Man, his portrayal of a No.2 eager to be the first to defeat No.6 is masterly. At times it is hard to tell how much he actually knows - is he one step ahead of the viewer? But through his confident performance also come a hint of his fear of failure. He is calculating indeed, but his miscalculations are almost his downfall. When he finally realises that No.6 has attempted to trick him, he is no doubt relieved that he was able to have No.6 brought back down to earth. "Susan died a year ago No.6." But having almost allowed No.6 to leave the village, believing him to be Curtis, this does not damage his self-confidence.
   For this No.2 it is a defeat, the only saving grace for him, is he fact that he was able to snatch "total defeat" out of the fire.

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