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Wednesday 14 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Playing It By Numbers

   Colin Gordon whose character is as menacing as he is unhinged! He is not a well man, nursing a stomach ulcer the way he is, as indicated by drinking plenty of milk. it soothes his ulcer, as well as making for good temper! He has an obsessive desire for success, this to discover why No.6 was going to sell out. What he had to sell, and to whom he was going to sell it.
   His eyes stare out from behind his spectacles. There is a question mark over this particular No.2's health in the Tally Ho - "Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?" But he has a single mindedness in over coming the task in hand. Later he develops an obsession about 'the General.' He is prepared to see that an untested drug are used on No.6, despite the risk to the subject. He uses technology to it's fullest extent. This No.2 cares little if No.6 survives or no, provided the result is obtained in the end. We might very well cheer when this No.2 is brought to his knees at the end of A B and C, and applaud Colin Gordon for his manic performance.  But be assured that we will be seeing this No.2 again.

   Angela Browne, the doctor-No.86 of A Change of Mind, she is the perfect foil for No.6's faked drugged shenanigans. At least the start of the episode she is bold and confident. Towards the end of the closing scenes her disciplined allegiance to No.2 and the village is in tatters. She allows herself to be out manoeuvred by No.6, as he easily gets the better of her "Stupid woman!" and is used as a pawn by No.6 to defeat No.2.
   One could say that No.86 has been degraded. But somehow, though Angela Browne's performance, manages to maintain her dignity.
    Kenneth Griffith gives a rich performance when playing the camp Napoleon Bonaparte during The Girl Who Was Death, but as No.2 we see so little of this character. But at least we learn that No.6 wouldn't drop his guard with his own grandmother!
    But later as 'The President' in Fall Out Kenneth Griffith gives a strong and powerful performance. He dominates with his speeches, and the screen with his experienced artistry. A powerful delivery, a powerful persona and a powerful performance are all his own.

The Subtlety of Number Two

   During the episode of Dance of the Dead, No.2 demonstrates her subtlety, by releasing the Village Guardian on the evening No.6 made it out of his cottage and out into the night. Subtle in the way No.2 uses the Village Guardian to test No.6, who puts himself to the test against the Village guardian in a race along the beach. A race which No.6 has no chance of winning, and Rover runs No.6 to his knees on the sand.

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