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Saturday 17 March 2012

March 17th

  The Prisoner is still out there somewhere off Brest I should imagine, yes I know the port of Brest is in France. But the thing is the Prisoner has managed to sail his sea-going raft in the Atlantic, possibly having drifted into the Bay of Biscay, and now he's heading for one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world - the English Channel.
   But Number Six is suffering from exhaustion. He's wet through, cold, possibly hyperthermia has long since set in. The salt water would have made his clothes stick to his skin. And now he's not far from total collapse.
    It looks like I spoke too soon. The lack of sleep over the passed twenty-five days has finally caught up with Number Six. He's lying unconcious aboard a drifting raft. The current could have carried the raft anywhere, further out into the Atlantic ocean, or even towards the coast of France.
   But unfortunately or fortunately {depending on which way you look at it} for Number Six, two gun runners, Ernst and Gunter, come across the raft. Aboard is the body of what appears to be a dead man, who they dump into the sea.
    Having taken aboard No.6's things, boxes of provisions and the like, Gunter guns the Motor Cruisers twin diesel engines, to leave the body of the Prisoner-Number Six floating in the water...............................................!

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