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Monday 12 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

It’s Your Funeral
    The Appreciation day ceremony was so special, that the Appreciation day monument displaying the word ACHIEVEMENT was quickly removed from it's position from beneath the balcony of the Gloriette, and moved someplace else, well out of sight. Possibly having been consigned to the scrapheap, as we never see it again.
    I know that No.6 was involved originally in the plot to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2. The reason being why they selected No.6, a matter of credibility, without which the plan might backfire. Well it did, didn't it, and for all concerned, save for No.51-Monique and her father No.50, oh and No.6 of course.
   One would have thought that by the time of Its Your Funeral, they would have learned not to underestimate No.6. Because without No.6's credibility the plan might have failed. Yet because of his involvement the plan did fail!
   So why pick on No.6 in th first place? Surely there are others that would have proved just as credible as No.6, and then the plan might just have even worked, had No.6 not been involved. But perhaps it was a case of there being no-one else who would play along with the plot. After all No.6 did take some convincing, and that in itself should have warned No.1. But then in his persistence to get No.6 interested, the foundations of failure had been laid.


    I am not usually bothered about the scripts for the Prisoner, more interested in what we see on the screen that what might have been written in the original script. But I find it curious as to why after the night No.8 {the white Queen} had made No.6 his night cap of hot chocolate, she disappears, as we do not see No.8 again which seems starnge when you think about it. Her Not being amongst those attempting to escape. But then No.6 had been looking for "reliable men!"
  Apparently the original script has No.8 going aboard M.S. Polotka together with No.6, and finding No.2 sitting in a chair actually aboard M.S. Polotska, which it itself is quite remarkable, as the last we see of No.2 is that h'es ben tied up in his office, being watched by No.6's fellow confederates! This means that No.6 must have taken No.8 with him on the pair of rubber lilos tied together with rope. This seems strange, when No.6 doesn't trust her. But makes for fascinating thought as to what might have been if the changes in the script had not been made, as to why No.6 took No.8 with him on that fateful night.

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