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Sunday 18 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Fall Out – A Mass Evacuation

    Well that's all fine and dandy I expect, but what of all the citizens of the village, the after effects of the evacuation, where would the people go? It's okay for Sir and his confederates, who have somewhere to go. But the likes of the watchmakers daughter, the maid-No.66 who were born in the village and have known nothing else, how would they stand up to the riggers of the outside world?
   Then there are the old folk, those as the General, the ex-Admiral and others of their kind. Who would they find to look after them? The Rook-No.53 does he have a family to go back to, and worse, there are the ones like Roland Walter Dutton, if such as he managed to get away, who in the outside world will end up permanently hospitalised in some institution.
   And there would be questions as the citizens of the village began to appear wherever in the outside world, and they would. Because that mass evacuation we witness during Fall Out looked to me to be uncontrollable.
   But we must not forget those who might not have made it aboard a helicopter, unable to get away and left behind. Where would they go? Well seeing as how the village was so isolated, well simply back to the village, there would be no other place for them to go and through them perhaps lies the salvation of the village.

It’s Subtlety Itself!

   In Free For All I an always particularly taken by the first village announcement of the episode "Congratulations on yet another day." This I have always taken to mean, that if any citizen wakes up and hears that announcement, then it is an indication that they have made it through another night.
   Also I have observed, a man in a grey piped blazer and hat in the election parade, pushing a penny farthing bicycle around during the election parade. This chap can be clearly seen to giving the Nazi salute! Look out for him next time.

Many Happy Returns

     I don't know why it should be thought that just because No.6 wakes up one morning to find no running water, no electricity, and to go out and about to find the village deserted as he did in the episode Many Happy Returns, that it should be assumed that the village was completely and utterly deserted. Which of course it was, but without anyone in the village, oh blimey this won't do, with no one actually there. What I mean is with everyone having been evacuated but for No.6, got there in the end!
    I mean, if simply for Msny Happy Return’s, every citizen was evacuated and taken some place else while No.6 made good his escape, where would everyone be put? And besides the village was just the same as it was upon No.6's enforced return nearly a month later. Perhaps the village citizens were as Thorpe suggested "on their annual village outing."
    No, the village had not been evacuated, everyone was simply having a lie-in or keeping their head down whilst No.6 made good his escape. Then while he was away the village returned to normal, and the same thing happened as No.6 made his return to the village. Simple, foolproof!

I'll be seeing you.... when I return another day.

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