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Thursday 22 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Second Only To One!

    Andre Van Gyseghem bears all the hallmarks of someone who has become expendable, yet even after the decision to retire him off, this retiring No.2, and that's something we have thus far not been faced with, has one last function he can provide for the village. That of his execution, seeing as its his own side which are organising and due to carry out his assassination!
    This No.2 seems to have immersed himself in his administrative details, and in his own way, has left his mark upon the village through his achievements. The new Blue Zone in the post, the mural in the library, and the electrification of the clocks, and the plans he has laid down for the new Concert Hall to be built. Not to mention the clock-golf, and golf course.
   And here is a peculiarity all his own, that he has been away on leave! Never has any of his predecessors been known to go away on leave, and in having done so, begs the question just how long has this particular No.2 been in office? We see three interim No.2's who have held office in his stead, and during those two we witness during an interview between No.6 and No.2-the heir presumptive, which suggests that there may have been more. How many more remains unknown.
    In fact we are completely unaware of his existence until No.6 pays him a call "I want to see No.2" "I am No.2" comes the reply. But then why didn't No.6 recognise No.2 immediately, when he asked to see No.2 as he did. Its almost as though No.6 had not previously met with this No.2 before, so much immersed in his administrative details as he surely must have been.
    He is a terrified man, and with much cause to be, as he knows that his future is quite literally "sealed!" And what's more he is resigned to his fate. He displays no strength of character, he is patently insecure, and spends all his remaining time in office, trembling apathetically in anticipation of his doom. Which makes you wonder why he bothered to return to the village in the first place. If we are to believe that this No.2 was actually away from the village on leave, then why come back? Unless of course at that time he was unaware of the fate awaiting him. Which he probably didn't, as it was No.6 who told him about the plot to assassinate /execute him, and of the plastic explosive in the Great Seal of Office.
   He minds, of course he minds, but is powerless to do anything to stop it. Even his assistant No.22, who is aware of the plot, is powerless to help his superior.
   This No.2 has become another pawn in a game against the innocent citizens, who will face mass reprisals for the assassination of this noted Village Statesman.
    It is No.6, who galvanised by the possible act of mass reprisals against the innocent citizens, intervenes with the assassination plot, with the help of No.51-Monique. This in saving this No.2's life, to see him escape the village with his life, aboard the helicopter.
    But has he? Doesn't that Allouete helicopter which has just taken off, turn on its way back to the village? But then that's something else to think about.
  Derren Nesbitt oozes with a repulsive charm. This is the man behind "Plan Division Q", the execution of the retiring No.2, which makes him one of the most devious of any of his administrative predecessors.
    He has an outward pleasantness which conceals a chilling hardness beneath. This would make him the perfect hired assassin, which of course he was, once upon a time! And what's more, he is capable of issuing threats in that soft voice of his, and with a smile on his face. He is arrogant, and has made the position of No.2 his own during his predecessors spell of leave. Yet he's a bit of a crawler, and only too keen to please, which is demonstrated to us during his telephone calls with No.1, in the way he is seeing things are done just to No.1's specifications, and the assurances he gives to see that everything is going "like clockwork," and "dead on schedule." And using such awful puns in the process!
   He is completely unfeeling, towards the citizens of this community, and cares nothing for his predecessor. As No.2's execution is this heir presumptive gain, and a loss to the citizens and the community as a whole.
    But this heir presumptive-No.2 over-reaches himself, and underestimates No.6, which is his own fault for getting No.6 involved with the plan in the first place. Had he not read the file on No.6? And really, even if the assassination plan had succeeded, when the plastic explosive concealed in the Great Seal of Office, had been detonated, the explosion would surely have taken out, or at least injured  others standing on that balcony of the Gloriette. A more bloody scene in the Prisoner one could not imagine!
   But the ceremony of "Appreciation day" goes ahead without the assassination/execution, and this now new No.2 is thoroughly routed, and cannot bode well for his own future I think.
   They'll be a new No.2 here soon!

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