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Thursday 15 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Shouldn’t You Be Doing This In the Hospital?
Well of course he should!

      The control room is no place in which to conduct his experiments on No.6  through Dutton, and someone should tell the doctor No.40 as much! "Get that man back to the hospital"-No.2. But I suppose the reason in this case, at the beginning of Dance of the Dead, is for the use of the large wall screen in the control room, which the hospital facilities lack.
   Citizens are taken to the hospital when the fall ill, because "Welfare is our biggest consumer item" as the Prisoner has his medical on the day after his arrival in the village, such being the nasty after effects of the village guardian. So ordinary medical examinations of patients are carried out at the hospital, as well and more often than not everyday operations are carried out when necessary.
   Yet, there is a dark side to the village, where doctors think nothing of carrying out experiments upon the poor victims like Roland Walter Dutton! During the episode of A Change of Mind there is absolutely no regrets shown about the procedure of carrying out Leucotomies upon certain Unmutuals within the community. Indeed, the doctor-No.22 in Checkmate suggested a Leucotomy should be carried out on No.6 to knock out the aggressive centre of the brain!
   Then there are the various therapies which are carried out in the Aversion Therapy Room. An experiment in the form of those experiments carried out on dogs by Pavlov, is carried out on the Rook at the hospital in Checkmate. No.8-the white Queen is hypnotised, and used in an experiment more suited to experiments carried out on Dolphins! It seems that there is no experiment which the doctors in the village hospital cannot adapt to humans! Then there are the experiments using the Seltzman machine, in the mind transference between two subjects, such as the Colonel and No.6. And ultimately, between the Colonel, No.6 and Dr. Jacob Seltzman, who changed the minds of three people at the same time! This in the 'Amnesia Room' of the hospital.
    Interrogations are also carried out at the hospital, such as the one carried out on No.8-Nadia during the Chimes of Big Ben. The floor of the interrogation room having been electrified, but which is off every 4 seconds.
    Yet there are medical experiments and procedures which are not carried out in the hospital, such as the experiment concerning Dutton and No.6 at the start of Dance of the dead. The resuscitation of No.2 during Fall Out. The regression of No.6 back to his childhood in Once Upon A Time. No.6's conditioning during the election period of Free for All, most of which took place in his own cottage, in the council chamber and in the cave known as the Therapy Zone. And as for his conditioning during the episode of The Schizoid Man, such conditioning to be left handed, to smoke black Russian cigarettes and flapjacks to be his favourite dish, was all carried out in his new home of '12 private.' And in A B and C the doctor-No.14 carried out her experiment using a new drug she had developed, secretly in a laboratory somewhere in the woods!
  So what is wrong with you today, not feeling at all unmutual are you, or perhaps you're having a change of mind today!

I’ll be seeing you

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