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Wednesday 28 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Information & Observation

    The Brass Band hold regular brass band concerts. However seen in various episodes of the Prisoner is actually silent. The music, such as the Redetski March which we hear the band play after the Prisoner and No.2 alight from the taxi during Arrival, the music actually having been added to the soundtrack later. All that can be heard when the Brass Band is marching along is the beating of the big bass drum!
    The undertaker must surely have had a key to the front door of
No.1 Buckingham Place
, otherwise it would not have been possible for the undertaker to enter the Prisoners house. And then having walked along the hallway, pump nerve gas into the study through the keyhole of the study door.
    The voice of the man seen to be wearing the Prisoners clothes in the 'aversion therapy' room in the hospital in Arrival, is actually that of Patrick McGoohan.
    We see two sets of twins in the village. In Arrival there is the bald-headed electrician "Sorry for the intrusion sir," and his twin the gardener ""Careful of plants sir, they're new." And during the election period of Free For All, there is No.113b, the photographer "Smile." And his twin who operates the Tally Ho newspaper dispenser outside the Town Hall, they even dress alike, as often the case with twins. And then there is the improbability of doppelgangers, No.6 and Curtis-No.12 of The Schizoid Man for example. Then more probable in doppelganger terms, is No.1 and No.6 of Fall Out.
    The question of dress, as far as the colourful capes worn by many of the village citizens are concerned, both the Butler and the observer-No.240 of Dance of the Dead wear their capes inside out! The colourful stripes inside, and the brown inside lining outside. Perhaps it is a personal thing, that neither want to look ridiculous! Or it could be a demonstration of individuality, to be different to other citizens in appearance, to make them stand out, although the Butler does dress differently to other citizens. On the other hand it could be a more serious matter which has not thus far been picked up on, as they could be showing a form of defiance. After all, in the case of the Butler, he like No.6 doesn't wear his numbered badge either!
    Tied to the front of the taxis during the election period of Free for All, are brightly coloured balloons. Upon the balloons is one word "Vote" the word having been printed on the said balloons - upside down!
Buckingham Place
, upon which there was still 6 months to run on the lease, came complete with furnishings, fixtures, fittings and decorations. Because when Mrs. Butterworth had taken vacant possession, the house, or at least the study hadn't changed since the Prisoner lived there. Save for the photographs of the late Mr. Butterworth of course.
    Could No.48 have once been a 'Top Hat' official? After all the only citizens of the village to be seen wearing top hats are those 'Top Hat' officials, and undertakers, who might all be one and the same. But then the Kid wears a top hat in the episode of Living In Harmony! But then, if the No.8, and No.48 are one and the same.......well the President did say that No.48 was with them but then he “went and gone.”

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