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Friday 23 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

An Eccentric!

   Is that what you would call our friend No.6, an exocentric? Well what else would you call a man who daily climbs the Bell Tower, who satisfies another eccentrics eccentricities, by sitting to have his portrait painted in It's Your Funeral/
   In the case of the latter, No.6 only sits to have his portrait painted so as to learn from No.18 about Jammers, so you see there is always a reason why No.6 does something. As for the former, well I'm not so sure No.6 likes the view that much to warrant him climbing the Bell Tower on a daily basis. It could be that he's still looking for a sign from his world, a light, a boat, or a plane, in much the same way as he did that night of the Dance of the Dead.

A Question of Identity

   During the episode of The General we see No.2 take his identity card from the inside pocket of his overcoat and show it to one of the Security Guards.
    Doesn't this Security Guard know No.2 by sight? Can he not recognise No.2 by the badge he wears upon the left lapel of his overcoat? Well I suppose seeing as there was once a pair of No.6's in the previous episode, security were taking no chances. 
   No.6 doesn't wear a badge, he doesn't have to wave his identity card about the place either, but everyone appears to know who he is!

I'll be seeing you.

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