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Tuesday 20 March 2012

One Of The Most 'Hands-On No.2

    Who in your opinion is the most hands-on No.2?  In my opinion it's No.2 of the episode Free For All is a very strong candidate. He calls No.6 in the early morning, soon after which he comes paying him a call, the mountain coming to Mohammed, with No.1 at the summit! No.2 arrives at the cottage of 6 private with No.58 in tow carrying the two men's breakfasts on a tray.
    In fact No.2 looks after No.6 all through the stages of the election period, in helping No.6 through his maiden speech from the balcony of the Gloriette, seeing to it that he has his own transport and driver for the election period, and anything else within reason. He takes No.6 through the dissolution of the outgoing council, to make sure that the tissue is not damaged during the 'Truth Test.' And again in the 'Therapy Zone,' as he gave the impression of being an alcoholic. But there was no need to worry, proportions were exact to take No.6 right through the election.
   And when No.6 tried to escape using the jet boat, it was No.2 himself who piloted the helicopter, giving chase to the speeding jet boat in the estuary. He warned one of the mechanics aboard to "Give him time," just after that the mechanic received a dunking! And No.2 warned No.6 from the helicopter that he had been doing very well, and that now he was simply being silly, this before the white membranic mass of the village guardian was deployed under the order of "Orange Alert."
    This No.2 was indeed very much a 'hands-on' person, and I think protectorate of No.6, well we mustn’t damage the tissue! He was even kind enough to show the newly elected No.2 the ropes "Anything you want to know, simply press a button" the outgoing No.2 informs him. So why nopt ask No.1?

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