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Sunday 25 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

   The Prisoner if nothing else, is complex and perplexing, hence these few points of long asked questions. .

   Why did the computer in The General not simply reply "Why Not?" That is answering a question with a question. "Why?" can never be answered because there are no facts on which to base an answer.
    Why did the final minute of curfew in The Chimes of Big Ben go so slowly?
    The length of any given television programme seems to mean nothing . In television, time can be stretched or shortened - there seems to be no rules. I feel this question relates more to the actual production side of things than the storyline.
    Is there any significance in the number 16 on the wall of the barber shop in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling? I think it's a calendar showing the date. What else could it be?
    Why were the men told to take off their wet things before entering the operating theatre in A B and C, while No.6 wheeled in covered by a wet sheet? The answer is a simple one. If the two men had just walked in, they would have made far more mess then just one simple cover.

   I have a comment on a recent observation about why Rover attacks the man in Arrival. I have always regarded this incident to be painfully without any reason except to introduce the balloon and show what it is capable of. There is no logical reason why the victim should carry on as he does. It can only be at the whim of the scriptwriters. I regard this scene as "corny" for that reason and I think it detracts from the episode in general.
    Why did No.58 slap No.6 seven times in Free For All? No.6 was in a trance at the time, and she had to slap him several times to bring him out of that trance. It could have been eight, nine, or ten times - I don't think the actual number is relative.


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