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Saturday 17 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

About The Laboratory In The Woods

   In A B and C there is a laboratory hidden away somewhere in the woods, where No.6 is taken to have the doctor-No.14, and No.2 to supervise, the manipulation of No.6's dreams. This to discover why No.6 was selling out? What he had to sell? And to whom he was going to sell it? Well of course No.6 wasn't selling out. He was simply going on holiday, and all that white envelope contained were innocuous travel brochures.
    But for the life of me, I cannot understand why No.6 was taken to that laboratory in the woods. Would it not have been better, and more secure, for the doctor to have carried out her experiment on No.6, in a room, or operating theatre at the hospital? I say experiment, because it was a so far untested drug which the doctor was going to use on No.6.
   Perhaps it was a case of what happens if the experiment goes wrong? And if carried out at the hospital, and the experiment suddenly went "pear-shaped" then No.2 would be in a difficult position to..... hide the body. Which would be so much easier to do in the woods. But then in both scenarios the result would be the same. No.6 would still be dead, and No.2 would be held responsible for the fact.
  But then if the experiment had been carried out at the hospital, the result might very well have been different. For one thing No.6 would not have found it so easy to infiltrate an operating theatre in the hospital, and thereby the tampering of the thrid syringe of the doctors drug could not have been diluted by No.6. And in turn No.6 would not have been able to turn the tables on both the doctor and No.2 in the way he did. By manipulating his own dream, all he could have done was resist the effects of the drug, as he had done, during the second treatment.
   All of this might be all fine and dandy, but it doesn't answer the question of "why the laboratory in the woods?" Perhaps it was simply a case of security. Security which was conspicuous by it's absence! Seeing as how it was so easy for No.6 to gain access to the said laboratory down the air conditioning vent. And there being no surveillance cameras, this made it easy for No.6 to dilute the drug in the third syringe without being observed.
   The only reason why there was no security for the laboratory I can think of, is that they thought that by being hidden in the woods, the steel door entrance secreted in the mouth of a cave, that the laboratory was secure enough and would not be discovered. Obviously no one thought that the doctor would be followed by someone to the steel door of the laboratory. They had in fact, underestimated No.6!


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