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Thursday 29 March 2012

The citizen on the left is Number 250 a Guardian who Number 6 comes across when he's playing truant down on the beach during The General, The citizen on the right is Number 93, an Unmutual who is forced to stand on a rostrum, and confess to the whole community.
  Such is the fall from grace for Number 250, having been a stout member of the community, to an inadequate, disharmonious individual! But in once being 250, later to be given a new number, that of 93, is that demotion or promotion {depending on how you look at the number system}? Number 1's the boss, Number 2 is next to One as Chairman of the Village, or is it simply that both are the same character played by Michael Miller, but simply with a different badge pinned to his jersey! In that case it certainly was a fall from grace for this character, no matter his number!
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  1. Anthony Rooney3 April 2012 at 12:05

    Or another case of The Village cloning its inmates. In which case who is the original and who the 'economy pack'?