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Thursday 15 March 2012

60 Second Interview with No.2

No.113 "Thank you Number Two for taking time to give me an interview."
Number Two "Get on with it, you've only sixty seconds, and the clock is ticking, tick tick, tick tick."
"Well Number Two, I wanted to ask you who is "The enemy in our midst?"
"Well, anyone who is against the Village."
"And they are?"
"Well we do not necessarily know where our enemies are, or why they might be."
"That makes it difficult to identify them, doesn't it Number Two?"
"Yes, yes it does. Therefore it is the duty of all of us to be on constant look out against traitors who, behind our back, seek to undermine and destroy us."
"But you don't know who they are?"
"We know there are those who believe they can get away with their plots and conspiracies."
"Oh, you're talking about Jammers!"
"Is Number Six one of these conspirators?"
"He might be."
"And he could cause a breach in security?"
"Security, is not a dirty word. Security is our watchword at the moment. We must be vigilant both by day and by night."
"And when you catch these conspirators, what will you do with them Number two?"
"The consequences will be severe."
"I see. Thank you Number Two."
"Who are you anyway?"
"I'm Number one hundred and thirteen, I contribute to the Tally Ho you know."
"No, I don't know. Take him away fourteen!"
No.113 "What?"
"Take him away fourteen, and interrogate him. Find out who sent him here to get information from me!"
No.14 "Yes Number Two."
"I bet it was that Number Six!"
"No Number Two, it was my editor."
"A likely story. Oh take him away, take him away!"

Our own reporter
Photographs from the Department of Visual Records

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