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Friday 30 March 2012

The Therapy Zone

Second Only To One!

    Guy Doleman is the first No.2 we meet and is as indicative as all the others which we will encounter. This No.2 has all the characteristics of a typical administrator and front man to the village. He is affable and charming, however we see little of this particular No.2 yet he does set the pattern for the Prisoners future, as he is the first to debrief him, dotting the "I's" and crossing the "t's" in the Prisoners file. After which he introduces this new arrival - the Prisoner who has yet to be issued with his number 6 - to the village. This by both an aerial and ground tour of the village, after which he takes the Prisoner to the Labour Exchange. Astute is this No.2, as he sees they have a challenge in this new arrival.
    Yet this No.2 is plotting behind the scenes since the very beginning, sending his so called "personal maid" to try and trick the Prisoner into giving away the reason why he resigned, which of course the Prisoner saw right through, and told the maid that her services were no longer required.
    The Prisoner makes an attempt to escape, and the next morning while he's having his medical, No.2 is on the telephone talking to No.1. "He's having his medical. Mmmm no, course I don't mind. One has to make sure of these things." "Make sure of these things" meaning that there is no escape from the village, or that the Prisoner has suffered no ill effects from his encounter with the village guardian?
    With setting the wheels of betrayal in motion, his introduction of the Prisoner to the village, his final act was to make sure of these things! After that there is an unseen changeover, and this No.2 goes on to better things it might be believe although we never know the future of this the perfect administrator and public figure.
   George Baker is the new No.2, his arrival and changeover has gone unseen. And his term of office is so short we are left wondering why they even bothered!
    However this new No.2 loses no time in taking up his term of office, by assigning No.9, previously assigned to Cobb, now to No.6. The new No.2 bears many characteristics of those of his predecessor, charming and genial, yet there is a hint more of menace about this man. there is a cruel streak running through this No.2, he enjoys seeing the Prisoner struggle to escape in the helicopter, the controls of which are taken over by an operative in the control room, and who flies the helicopter back to the village by remote control. He  enjoys making No.6 think that there is a way out of the village, and positively enjoys the pleasure at seeing how easily No.6 has been tricked. And is gratified that there are no loopholes, and that there is positively no escape from the village.
    This new No.2 issues the Prisoner with his number - 6. This character is all the more unpleasant for his constant smile on his face, as he deals out treachery from behind his desk, a sign of that which is yet to come. Yet he has a sense of humour, and a touch of irony, as he hopes that Cobb’s stay had its light moments!
   Just how long this new No.2's term of office was is err unknown. His term of office, that we do not see beyond Arrival, would depend on the time between the end of Arrival and the commencement of The Chimes of Big Ben.

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