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Thursday 22 March 2012

Re: Symbolic Jibber Jabber

   The imagery of No.1 as the mirror image of No.6's darker side is obvious. But perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the Ape mask fits in too, as the ugly repressive desires of man. But when No.6 snatches off the Ape mask, he attains enlightenment, enlightenment as it is he himself who is No.1 and thereby he his own persecutor, a masochist would seem. I bet No.6 wishes he'd never bothered!
   As for the black and white mask worn by No.1 and all the members of the Assembly, well this along with the cowled robes, smacks of cultism!
    The tunnel in Fall Out could be said to symbolise a passageway between conscience and unconsciousness, with the gate at the far end as a barrier between the two which the lorry crashes through, thus returning the quartet to consciousness.
    It was once stated that the driving of his car, KAR 120C, along a narrow road indicates progress and achievement. However in the first place the road cannot be deemed to be narrow, not by any stretch of the imagination. And in the second place it isn't even a road which the Prisoner drives his car along in the opening sequence, it's an aerodrome runway! And seeing as how the start of that same opening sequence is used at the end of Fall Out, the commencement of Arrival, because the Prisoner is just as much a prisoner at end as ever he was at the beginning. So where is the progress and achievement in this?

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