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Monday 26 March 2012

The Village Mardi Gras by your own reporter

   Last night the village went crazy! Everyone was out and about the village celebrating the joys of "Speedlearn." It was Mardi Gras, with citizens wearing all manner of masks, all out for a good time. I interviewed several people who were out and about for Mardi Gras. But not everyone seemed to be enjoing themselves into the spirit of the thing "Number Six."                                                                                     
    “Ah Number Six. Enjoying the carnival atmosphere of Mardi Gras?”
    "I think it's ridiculous!"
    "What Mardi Gras?"
    "Everyone dashing about in masks. Screaming and shouting about!"
    "You're just a party pooper Number Six. Why shouldn't people enjoy themselves?"
    "Here, in this place?"
    "When was the last time Arsenal won the FA Cup?"
    "1949-50 season."
    "Correct. You're coming along nicely Number Six."

Your own reporter
Photographs from The Deparment of Visual records

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