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Saturday 17 March 2012

Postcard From The Village

    Oh look the tide's out! The tides of the estuary are treaturous, it comes in swift, and around you, so that if are caught unawares you can easily find yourself cut off from the shore, stranded on a sand bank if you're lucky. That has happend to many an unwary visitor to Portmeirion, and in one case the Air Sea Rescue helicopter was called out. And in another it was lucky for two people that two guys on jet-ski's were in the vacinity, who came to their rescue.
   I recall being at a Prisoner convention one year back in the mid 1990's. There was a group of us standing on the lawn of the Hotel, at a time when the tide was coming in. There was a group of young people out on the sand. We hailed them, indicating to them that the tide was coming in, and they would be cut off from the shore. To our astonishment they hurried not, and shouted back at us "We're doing what we like!" and they took no more notice of us, and we didn't bother about them, and left them to do what they wanted to do, as it was their choice.
  Stange, we never did see what happeend to them, and no bodies were reported washed up the next day. I can only assume that somehow they made it to the shore, even if they had to swim for it.

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