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Tuesday 19 July 2016

A Directive On Dutton!

    That directive turned out to be a termination order against Roland Walter Dutton. But as it happened that directive came too late, even if it had reached Number 2 at all. As it happens the doctor-Number 40 had gone too far, such was his enthusiasm for human experimentation. In Dutton’s case, the doctor didn’t go as far with him as he had with another of his victims, who ended up being buried in secret. This was a scene edited out from the finished episode. Although Dutton would have been better off dead!
    But who issued that directive against Dutton, and why use his name on the termination order instead of his number 42? Well the last bit’s easy. To use the number 42 instead of Dutton’s name, the television viewer might not have realised who Number 42 was! Who issued the termination? As far as can be said Number 1, who else would there be? Which is strange as it happens, Number 2 receiving an instruction like that, and via a doctor too. Because she has been receiving instructions via a teleprinter, and as far as we know this Number 2 is the only one to do so. Her predecessors always spoke to Number 1 on the telephone. Yes she did speak to Number 1 once on the telephone, but that was merely to chat about Number 6, the Carnival, and Ball, not to gain any instructions. It would be interesting to know who was on the other end of the teleprinter. It might well have been those “masters” within British Intelligence perhaps, the Colonel maybe, or some higher authority.

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