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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Caught On Camera!

    Number 2, seen here in the Control Room saying au revoir as Cobb goes on his way. He is the only Number 2 to wear such a blazer, one almost identical to the one worn by Number 6, except for the broken piping on the lapel. However it will become Number 6’s second blazer, once George Baker returns his to the wardrobe department, to be worn by both Patrick McGoohan and Frank Maher. After all one or the other would need cleansing after rolling about in the sand during that scene in ‘The Schizoid Man,’ not to mention after spending a night on the beach during Carnival!
   But when it comes to the question of piped blazers, during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ when Number 6 is playing chess with the General he is wearing the blazer as worn by Number 2 here, but when he stands up asking Number 2 what crime the new arrival {Nadia} has committed, he’s wearing the piped blazer with continuous piping on the lapel. Then when Number 2 and Number 6 retire to the Green Dome for tea, Number 6 has reverted to wearing the blazer with broken piping on the lapel! And in ‘Free For All’ when Number 2 comes calling at his cottage Number 6 is wearing the above blazer, however when they leave the cottage to assess the madding crowd Number 6 has changed his blazer again, for the one with continuous piping on the lapel! And there are other such instances throughout the series. Logically though one change of blazer is right, as when Number 6 attempts to escape by Jet boat in ‘Free For all’ and ends up in the water he’s wearing the blazer with the continuous piping, the next time we see Number 6 he’s wearing the other blazer, seeing as the former would have to be cleansed and dried out before he could wear it again. But on the whole Number 6 would seem to favour wearing the blazer as worn by Number 2.

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