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Friday 15 July 2016

The Therapy Zone

    Number 6 met up with an old face in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ Roland Walter Dutton. Dutton must have been surprised to see ZM73 there, “You, of all people! Perhaps Dutton might have first thought Number 6 was Number 2’s assistant. It was difficult for Dutton to say how long he had been in The Village, it was clearly difficult to say, a couple of months. He asked Number 6 how long he had been in The Village, to which Number 6 replied “Quite recently.” Well that might have been true, had ‘Dance of the Dead’ been the second or even third episode, but as it is Number 6 has been in The Village considerably longer than quite recently! Dutton asked Number 6 how’s London? The replay came “About the same.” Well that’s easy for Number 6 to say, because what else could he say when he doesn’t know himself! Well not about what’s happening there.  Anyway London doesn’t matter anymore, it’s only The Village that concerns them, and their survival therein. Number 6 is determined not to give any information away, and Dutton’s already told them everything he knows. The trouble is, the doctor-Number 40 doesn’t believe him!
   Unlike Number 6, Roland Walter Dutton will never see
London again. Its’ unknown what becomes of him, certainly he’s not seen in The Village after ‘Dance of The Dead.’ He could have been hospitalised, on the psychiatric ward, but then why re-issue his Number 42 to a painter? Perhaps because the termination order against Dutton had been carried out, regardless of his mental condition, and so had no further use for his number. Save it having been carved into his headstone!

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