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Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Therapy Zone

    The Prisoner, I was twelve when I first watched the series, and I’ve been a fan, or obsessive ever since. Not that I’m on my own in that regard, as there are many, many like me to be found. Although I am aware of some who have managed to break through the conditioning, and turned away from the Prisoner. Perhaps having done so, they are the free men and women, and me and those like me, remain Prisoners of the Prisoner. Well aren’t we all Prisoners of something or other, so why not of something we like, enjoy, and share a passion for. After all what harm can it do? Through the Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan showed us the way, to question, not to accept things as they are, to protest, and to stand up when something is being done that is wrong. “Hell, who do you think you are? You can’t do that to me, I’m going to tell someone about you, and get you stopped!” well something on those lines. I’ve rebelled, I’ve stood up and voiced my opinion on several occasions. And I’ve resigned on no fewer than three separate occasions. On one occasion I ended up in The Village, although that was on a two week holiday. Well as it happened, I, like Number 6, needed time to think. So I went somewhere quiet, somewhere different, that was Portmeirion.
    On the first occasion I went to the Village was back in the 1980’s, I remained isolated there, I didn’t leave The Village for three days. And then on the third day I drove into Porthmadog, and it seemed too busy, too noisy after the cocoon like atmosphere of The Village, which I was happy to return to. That in turn made me wonder what it would have been like for Number 6, to return to the hustle and bustle of
London, after months of isolation in The Village. It’s no wonder Number 6 couldn’t wait to get back to The Village in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ seeking quiet solitude, and peace of mind.

Be seeing you

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