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Saturday 23 July 2016

Another Candidate!

   This is Number 256, a guardian, or a prefect as Number 6 suggests, when he’s caught playing truant on the beach. At the outset of ‘the General’ Number 6 is having a cup of coffee at the café, indeed the café has a number of customers, including the man sat at a table with three young girls.
   There is something familiar about this man, and it struck me that he is a look-a-like and a dress-a-like for Number 256. Yes one does wear the positive badge, the other a negative. However both wear a striped jersey and yachting cap, albeit different colours, as are their trousers, but both sport a beard. And despite the differences there is a similarity between the two men. Another case for look-a-likes, twins, and doppelgangers!

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