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Sunday 3 July 2016

Thought For The Day

    Most citizens, even the prisoners are at liberty to enjoy free movement in The Village. Even Roland Walter Dutton was released from the hospital so that he might reconsider his position in the peaceful atmosphere of The Village. And yet when it comes to the Professor and Madam Professor they are not permitted to leave the comfort of their home and go out into The Village itself. That’s why they do not wear numbered badges, and are permitted to wear their own clothes. The only contact The Professor has with other people, are Number 2, his very attentive doctor, and a nurse. Madam Professor is slightly better off, as she is allowed to hold her art seminars in the garden of her home, the only opportunity afforded to her to meet with other citizens of The Village. The Professor and his wife might have lived in an elegant, well furnished house, but it was nothing more than a prison cell in which they were held, for the greater part of their time, in close isolation! It’s no wonder she and her husband became disillusioned, their treatment would have gone some way in bringing that about. Especially when The Professor and Madam Professor had gone to The Village of their own free will!

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