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Sunday 31 July 2016

Quote For The Day

    “Will you never learn? This is only the beginning. We have many ways and means, but do not wish to damage you permanently. Are you ready to talk?”
                               {The even newer new Number 2 – Free For All}

    Of course Number 6 isn’t ready to talk, he’s not likely to talk, he would have died first! But then how would this new Number 2 know that? She’s not been in The Village for five minutes, and even less, as Number 2. It will take more than physical brute force and a beating from two motor mechanics to make Number 6 talk.
   It was rather an elaborate plan, that episode of ‘Free For All,’ and I’ve never been all that sure of what it is they got out of it? Unless it was to demonstrate Number 6’s predictability, so much so that they knew exactly what Number 6 would do if he won the election as the new Number 2. That they felt so confident that he would not succeed in organising a mass breakout, that they simply let Number 6 have his head and try to turn the situation to his own advantage.....he couldn’t! Mind you I’d hate to be on the wrong side, with that Number 2. It was alright for Number 6, she was under orders, like her predecessor, not to damage the brain tissue. Otherwise she looks like she would be prepared to have anything done to you, and enjoy seeing it done!

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