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Wednesday 27 July 2016


    Rover’s sound effect is something like someone breathing through an aqua lung, there is also more than a hint of a roar, with something of a high pitched tone, together with a whirring sound, and a touch of Gregorian chant.
   In the “alternative” Arrival its interesting that Rover doesn’t attack the young man! And the sound effect to Rover is different, there’s no roar, no Gregorian chant, but there is more of the breathing through an aqua lung about it for a moment, and it seems to have been given a heartbeat! And when Number 6 attempts to escape by helicopter, he uses the
Electro Pass to get him through the alarm system, Rover is on hand to protect the helicopter. And yet the Electro Pass has a strange effect on Rover. In the series episode of ‘Arrival,’ yes Rover is agitated as Number 6 gets into the helicopter and starts the engine, but is powerless to do anything, such is the power of the Electro Pass. But in the “alternative” Arrival, we hear Rover breathing {it’s the breathing through an aqua lung again} the effect the Electro Pass has on Rover is to slow that breathing, and is rendered powerless to do anything to prevent the Prisoner from escaping! What’s more Rover seems to have a good grip on gravity, as the Guardian is not blown away from the wind created by the fast spinning rotor blades!
   While during opening sequence of ‘The Alternative Chimes of Big Ben’ when Rover herds the Prisoner out of the water it has the Gregorian chant, and a touch of breathing through an aqua lung sound effect. Then later as Rover pursues Nadia as she swims away from The Village, its sound effect has the return of the roar and very little else.

  Such are the alternatives of Rover The Village Guardian.

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