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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Electrical Interference!

   What’s that Number 6 up to now? He is aware that the television set works two ways, that they watch him through the television. It appears that Number 6 places the cushion of the television screen to annoy the Observer, when he does there is the sound of electrical interference. Perhaps when Number 6 does that, the electrical screeching is the machine protesting at the possibility of suffocation!
    On the other hand the electrical noise might well be quite deliberate, in order to stop citizens placing something in front of the television screens to stop them from being observed, or having to watch public announcements, such as Number 6’s electoral speech. Not to mention the Speedlearn educational programmes. After all who would be able to stick something in front of the television screen and be able to put up with that electronic noise for any length of time?

Be seeing you


  1. I've always felt a little amazed while at the same time amused seeing the purported high-tech observation device (the TV set) pinned against something very mundane and non-technical, a pillow. On the one hand I kept thinking, 'the two don't go together, there's something wrong with the conception; why would the TV set emit an acoustic feedback signal that could be stopped by a pillow?'. On the other hand and in congruence with the use of the thing we call Rover, I can't believe whoever thought this little scene up was actually that naive thinking (on a technical base) this measure would work. No, the pillow is something as opposed to the technical sphere as Number Six is to the sphere of the Village world. Err, did you get me? Anyway, best holiday regards! - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I trust you’re enjoying your holiday.
      I think I got…! You are perfectly correct the two do not go together, the two-way television set, high-tech, and the cushion. “Why would the TV set emit an acoustic feedback signal that could be stopped by a pillow?” But it didn’t, the pillow caused the acoustic feedback. Number 6 knew they were watching him through the television, and wanted to annoy the Observers, and without the sound effect its just Number 6 pressing a cushion against the screen of a television set which would be ridiculous! At the very least the cushion would block the camera watching Number 6! It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was Patrick McGoohan himself who came up with the idea for that little scene. Certainly The Village revolves around the sphere of Number 6!

      Enjoy your holiday
      Best regards

  2. "the pillow caused the acoustic feedback." - That's true, my fault. No. 6 could have trampled on the TV set like he did with the radio receiver, he didn't. He chose to act smarter. But regardless of the question whether a pillow would cause an acoustic signal it is the use or the appearance of one in such a scene that I find is odd enough. Day 4 of our holidays. - BCNU!

  3. Hello Arno,
    I like that, now I’ve a mental picture in my head of Number 6 ripping out his television set, hurling it to the floor and trampling it to bits under foot! Mind you Electrics would soon bring him another one, upgraded perhaps to a nice 50 inch flat screen maybe!
    Yes true enough it is an odd scene.

    Holding a work-in today, The Tally Ho mailings to be posted tomorrow.
    It’s raining here.
    Be seeing you