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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bureau of Visual Records

    The above image is taken from routine surveillance, to be more precise that of ‘A B and C,’ It would seem the ex-Admiral-Number 66 is still managing to survive. But then it’s as they say, they’ll look after you, for as long as you live. And by the look of it, the ex-Admiral is still looking for an opponent to play chess with him. Hope he finds someone!
    You see those two striped canvases in the background? They are hiding something from the camera, that they do not want you to see. I expect there are cars parked in the hotel car park, hence the screens. Whenever you see those erected around The Village, you know they are hiding something. And did you know that some of the waiters you see working at the Old people’s Home, are actually waiters who worked at Portmeirion at the time of filming ‘the Prisoner.’ That was so they could move freely, and serve guests staying at Portmeirion at the time. That in the same way that porters working at Portmeirion actually drove one or two of the Mini-Mokes in ‘the Prisoner.’ That was so they could collect guest from the railway station and drive them into Portmeirion unobtrusively, and vice versa, from Portmeiron to the railway station. Clever wasn’t it, and they are, damned clever!

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