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Tuesday 5 July 2016

Do Not Forsake Me My Darling!

    Janet Portland just happened to be passing by No.1 Buckingham Place, the home of her fiancé ZM73 {for want of a better name} when she saw his Lotus Seven parked outside his home. She quickly mounts the steps and rings the doorbell {that’s a mistake the house has no doorbell, Number 6 uses the door knocker when he returns to his home on ‘Many Happy Returns’} and ZM73 for want of a better name, goes to open the front door to find Janet Portland standing on the doorstep. Obviously she doesn’t recognize the man who opened the door to her, the Colonel, while there can be no doubt that Number 6/ZM73’s mind would instantly recognize his fiancée!
   “His car, is he back. Is he with you?”

   “Yes” he replies, but makes no attempt to show that he recognizes her.
   It was Number 6/ZM73’s mind which is housed inside the Colonel’s body, with all his thoughts and emotions. Presumably he loved his fiancée, whom he had not seen for a year, and yet he showed no emotion towards her whatsoever on seeing her when she turned up on his doorstep. No matter what Number 6/ZM73 looks like, I should have thought his first instinct would have been to take Janet in his arms being so happy to see her again. But what then? Surely Janet would have repelled this stranger’s advances towards her, because it’s the Colonel she sees, and not her fiancée. Number 6/ZM73 may well have realized that, and in his confused state for those few seconds at seeing his fiancée again the moment was gone. It would take him time to think of a way to approach Janet, and so he has to wait for the opportunity which finally presents itself at her birthday party. And after that tender embrace, what then? Number 6/ZM73 would have to explain to Janet as to the reason why he looks like someone else, the Colonel. That might take some explaining I should have thought!

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