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Tuesday 19 July 2016

The Tally Ho

   Two issues of The Tally Ho from ‘A Change of Mind,’ we can read the headlines, but there is no accompanying main article. Therefore we are left to imagine that somewhere amongst that small text is the story that accompanies the headlines and photograph. But the text and headlines are not attributed to our own reporter as other articles have been in the past issues of this broadsheet. Nor does it seem that Number 93 who confesses disharmony warrant a photograph. It is the same with the issue in ‘A B and C,’ however I should have thought that Number 2 warranted a photograph on the front page!
   But I suppose a photograph on the front page would have spoilt the broadsheet, as this issue serves two episodes, ‘A B and C’ because of the headline, and for ‘The Schizoid Man’ because of the date Feb 10th. Any photograph on the front page would have possibly rendered it useless for ‘The Schizoid Man,’ mind you the headline is a bit of a giveaway anyway!
   In the election issue of The Tally Ho of ‘Free For All,’ Number 6 apparently speaks his mind, the headline and photograph accompanied by a main column attributed not to Number 113, but to our own reporter, whoever that is, probably wrote both main articles for this broadsheet, and that of ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’
   The matter of security is dealt with in an article to be found on the front page of The Tally Ho in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ although this is unattributed, not even to our own reporter!
   Whoever was responsible for producing the issues of The Tally Ho for The Village, went to more trouble with two issues, whereas with the others, although pertinent to each episode, or episodes in one case, they have no main article. Perhaps it was thought the headlines were enough in other cases, after all who was going to read them outside ‘the Prisoners’ cast and production crew?

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