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Tuesday 1 August 2017

A Favourite Scene In Checkmate

  In the Control Room when the Supervisor-No.56 tries to find Number 6 on one of the monitors. At this moment Number 6 and the Rook are busy stealing one of the surveillance cameras. At one point the Rook tilts the camera downwards so he can rip out the wiring, whereupon the wall screen in the Control Room goes black. When the Rook points the camera downwards this change in picture aspect is not shown on the wall screen. The supervisor contacts the Electrics Department reporting that Camera 34 is kaput, ordering it to be serviced immediately. Now when the electrician gets to the plinth and finds the camera has gone, does he report it, I suppose he must, along with the missing telephone from the kiosk, not to mention the stolen electrical equipment and screwdriver from the trailer. But what’s done about it? Nothing to which the television viewer is privy!

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