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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Quote For The Day

    “The Professor and I have several privileges. We came here voluntarily, we have everything we need, we’re perfectly happy.”
                                                  {Madam Professor-The General}

   Yes I bet they did, Madam Professor doesn’t sound very happy! I’d put money on it not being at all what they expected it to be. They could have been told that a village school was in need of a teacher, and with his wife the artist she would make an excellent addition. There’s a Village alright, but there’s no school, only a large number of guinea pigs to be used in the educational experiment of Speedlearn. But there is a school house where the Professor and his wife live, but are never allowed out into The Village itself. Only the Professor is allowed to leave the confines of his house when occasion demands, and that one time when he managed to escape! As for madam Professor, she is never allowed to leave, but seeing as she is the artist she is permitted to hold art seminars in the garden of her house. No doubt the idea being to keep her occupied, after all the only reason she is in The Village is to make sure her husband does what Number 2 wants, and if the Professor should resist, then some unpleasantness could easily befall his wife. They are both necessary you see, the one for the other, even essential. Besides if it had not been them it would have been some other couple, and that’s the thing you see, never volunteer for anything! And yet there is one other way of looking at it, perhaps the Professor and his wife were a couple of misfits who needed the work, and needed The Village as much as Number 2 and the Educational Board needed them!

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