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Friday 25 August 2017

Quote For The Day

      “File Number Six, section forty-two, sub-section one, paragraph one, back to the beginning."
   "You were right about him."
   "I told you."
    "Don't worry, it was a good idea and you did your best. I'll stress it in my report."
                             {Number 2 and Nadia - The Chimes of Big Ben}
   Number 2 told them they were taking the wrong approach, he admitted that in 'Once Upon A Time.' But whose idea was it for Nadia Rakovsky {if that be her name} to be assigned to Number 6, to make her a damsel in distress, so that he would take her under his wing. To make out that she knew the location of The Village, so that Number 6 would formulate a plan so they could escape together, escape back to London. Well the idea certainly didn't originate from Number 2. The Colonel, well I shouldn't think he has the wit. Number 1? Well that's more like it, unless the idea originated from those “masters” we hear so much about outside The Village, say back in London.
    As for doing his best, well Number 2 was hardly involved at all. All he did was to make sure that Number 6's plan to escape went along unhindered. I suppose it was a good idea, it was simply a question of time that let it down, the fact that there was the possibility that Number 6 would have asked for Post 5's wristwatch so that he could time the journey to London. And he wouldn't have, had he and Nadia not had to swim for it, hence Number 6's wristwatch became waterlogged. If it hadn't been for that, the plan may very well have succeeded!
   And who was Nadia going to report to? I was under the impression that Number 2 always made the report to Number 1. But Nadia, she's dressed ready to leave The Village. She doesn't give the impression that she's about to go and see Number 1 to report personally, unless Number 1 happens to be living his London town house in Buckingham Place. The Colonel? Well Nadia's not going to make her report to the Colonel because he already knows how the plan failed! Sir Charles Portland? Well that's a possibility, or maybe the General! Well anything is a possibility when one doesn't know the answer to the question!

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