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Tuesday 8 August 2017

Village Life!

   “Control here…….I’m sorry?........I’m on yellow, Control room here……….. you’re not on the telephone, how can that be, I’m speaking to you now! No sir we haven’t found Number Six, as I was going to say, negative search results so far. No trace of him yet sir.”
   “You’ve been looking for him then?”
   “Yes sir, well not me personally, the Observers………… I’ve just had a tea break…..biscuits sir, they were proper biscuits the ones with the cream inside.”
    “Bully for you, now get about your business and put out a general call, Orange Alert.”
    “That mans Rover sir!”
    “Yes Rover. Why bark yourself when you have…….”
    “A balloon sir?”
    “You trying to be funny?”
    “No sir, but we have a saying in
Haiti, a little dog is very brave in front of his master’s house!”
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