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Wednesday 23 August 2017


    Lets face it, there are not that many ways of escaping The Village, in fact it has been demonstrated again and again that escape is not possible! But if one was to attempt to escape one would quickly find that any such ways are restrictive. The way of the mountains, either over or through via a pass seems impossible. By air is only possible by helicopter, the only trouble is, the remote control device in the helicopter. The pilot would have to identify the device and then to disable it. In Number 6's case, rip it out!
    By impersonation, if one is lucky enough to have a doppelganger in The Village, working for Number 2, who you might be able to impersonate and leave The Village that way. You could run for public office, become Number 2, and eventually leave The Village that way. Perhaps an easier way would be to steal a taxi and simply drive across the sand, leaving The Village far behind. Or walk across the sand to the far side of the estuary making for the hills on the far side. Having left The Village, and before one reaches the mountains, there is the open countryside to escape into, which is seen in both 'Many Happy Returns,' and 'Hammer Into Anvil.' Well if one cannot get so far overland, well what about escape by sea? If one knew where one was sailing from, one could calculate where one was sailing to, in a boat carved out of a tree trunk. On the other hand you could spend a couple of days building a sea-going raft, then having put to sea, finally escape The Village, only to find yourself back there about a month later! Perhaps by speed boat, having disabled the remote control device first! Or by capturing the vessel M.S. Polotska! Although seeing as how The Village is set on an estuary there is an alternative to the sea. An estuary is the mouth of a river, one could carve out a dug-out canoe from a tree trunk, and paddle off up the river instead of putting out to sea, that sounds much simpler, and far less dangerous! One could simply try to swim away when the tide is in, if you are good at "wild swimming" that is. That's what Nadia found out you see, why she could not swim so far. Wild swimming, especially against the tide is not the same as swimming in a swimming pool, not even one of Olympic dimensions! Or simply walk away! Yes there are the mountains, but there is enough open countryside to get oneself lost in. Another way would be by rocket, or in a cage on the trailer of a Scammell Highwayman transporter. I suppose if one gets desperate, when one’s spirit is broken one could simply hide in a dustbin and look to get thrown out of The Village with the rest of the rubbish! Failing that to take the ultimate escape, by hurling oneself to one’s death through a hospital window. But when one is not endowed with the numerous skills and knowledge as Number 6 demonstrates, such as navigation, being able to make a compass from odds and ends, able to pilot a helicopter, carve a boat out of wood. As well as having the knowledge about such devices as a Triquetrum, an ancient Greek device for attaining one’s position by the stars, if Number 6 cannot escape, what chance for lesser mortals!

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